Caravan Renovations

  • A big caravan with room to move and relax.

    We were so excited to find a dual axel Millard Caravan, it already had bunks and a walk-around double bed, even most of the original cabinetry was ...
  • Small Van for a family of Four

    When we found this little Windsor, we initially thought this project would only be for a couple, given its size and lack of space for a second bed/...
  • Things we wish we knew before renovating our first caravan

    I recall our first van arriving home in 2017. We drove 11 hours (return) to pick it up a 1971 Viscount Ambassador, with the hopes to renovate it and make a stylish holiday home on wheels! With zero experience in caravanning or renovating them, we figured we would draw on experience renovating our home. Although, as we discovered, just because its a small space does not mean small project.

    Here we have listed our top "wish we knew before we started" things on renovating a caravan.

  • Our favourite little van.

    When we found our little Franklin Snipe, I fell in love with the coziness of it. Because it was so small and lacked many windows, I knew we needed to bring as much light in as possible.
  • Don’t be afraid of colour in caravans

    The first goal in any caravan renovation is to bring more light in, one huge difference paint can do is make the space feel brighter and bigger, even without changing cabinetry. We used a Dulux Natural White in pretty much every van, I love its perfect touch of warmth and brightening the space up.