A big caravan with room to move and relax.

We were so excited to find a dual axel Millard Caravan, it already had bunks and a walk-around double bed, even most of the original cabinetry was in fantastic condition.  This would be our first project to use the warmth of the original timber laminate cabinets. 

Some things we did differently due to its size, we used a wide roll of vinyl flooring, rather than the planks. We sourced it from a local flooring store, costs were relatively the same, though we did opt for a more luxe finish and softer under foot and had it installed by a professional (as we didn’t trust ourselves to cut it perfectly!). Because the space was large and already felt spacious, we were able to bring in warmer tones without making the space feel small or crowded. We played with colour and used a dinosaur green on the kitchen cabinets and a warm patterned splash back.  

The sheer curtains had a very subtle polka dot through the weave. 

This was the largest van we had travelled with and it was surprisingly easy to travel with. The extra space in the van meant that we didn’t have to pack up beds in the day, storage fit everything really well and as we were travelling in Winter (close to the snow), we had a lot of room to move about at night to play board games or read books when we weren’t by a fire outside.